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Price: $85.00
Manufacturer: Champion / Tri-Chem Specialties LLC
Manufacturer Part No: CA5108
Champion Sprayon Wasp, Bee and Hornet Killer reaches nests up to 20 feet above the ground, letting you kill wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets from a distance. For best results, soak the nests with the spray in the evening, after all the insects have returned. This product has a dielectric breakdown voltage of 40.1 kv (as measured by ASTM test method D-877; it will resist electrical current up to 40,100 volts. Features: Wasp, bee and hornet insecticide, rapid knockdown and kill, reaches nests up to 20 feet above ground, Dielectric strength of 40.1 KV, Active: Synthetic pyrethroid, Tetramethrin. Recommended Uses: Ideal for: Indoors (attics and other places where nests are built) and outdoors on wasp, bee, hornet and yellow jacket nests. Packaging: 12 x 19 ounce cans