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SILT & SAND FLUSH Clears deposits from Storm & Sanitary Sewers

Price: $57.00
Manufacturer: TriChem / Total Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: 380
This flushing aid is designed to break up and disperse all types of organic and inorganic deposits that cloud up and collect in storm and sanitary sewers. It separates mud, dirt, silt and sand from the water and it makes it easier to flush the deposits out to keep piping, wells and basins clean and unobstructable. Ues in wells, basins, storm drains and sewer drains. A highly charged polymer dispersant designed to break up organic and inorganic deposits that accumulate in sewers. Use 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon per 1,000 gallons of flushing water. Packaging: 5 gallon pail