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SANI FOAM Foaming Chlorinated Degreaser

Price: $75.00
Manufacturer: HCR / Tri-Chem Specialties LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 609
SANI FOAM is a concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Effective on the most stubborn soils found in food plants. This product handles grease and grime quickly while assuring the removal of buildup not otherwise cleaned by normal cleaning procedures. Sani Foam is very effective in removal of fats, grease, carbonized soils and proteins. Provides excellent soil removal in meat plants, bakeries, poultry and other food industries. Use Sani Foam in foam dispensing equipment, pressure washing and soak tank in concentrations from 1:20 to 1:40 (one part product to 20-40 parts water). Heavy Duty. Works well in hard or soft water. Packaging: 5 gl pail (also available in 55 gl drums - call for information).