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Price: $95.00
Manufacturer: HCR / Tri-Chem Specialties LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 510
Pet Stainoff is a special blend of bacteria and enzymes that will eliminate organic matter and the odors caused by animal wastes. This product's bacterial action will digest materials in which are causing odors such as urine, fecal matter, vomit and other pet related odors. In carpet cleaning, Pet Stainoff can be used as a carpet deodorizer and digestant of organic waste such as urine and fecal matter and odors from many sources. This product works quickly to digest all residues attached to carpet fibers relieving the carpet of stains and odors. Can be used in conjunction with many types of carpet cleaning equipment and methods. This product can be added directly to the solution tank or used in a pump-up sprayer. Works well with hand, bonnet, and extraction cleaning methods. Features: Eliminates Pet Stains and Odors, Highly concentrated blend of active and adaptive bacteria (1.5 billion bacteria count per ounce), digests organic matter and neutralizes malodors, Organic stains and odor digesters are both aerobic and anaerobic. Biodegradable, use full strength or diluted. Fresh scent. Recommended Uses: carpets, rugs, kennels, clothing, bedding, fabrics not harmed by water, hard surfaces etc.  Packaging: 4 x 1 gallons