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PEERLESS Multipurpose Stain Remover

Price: $105.00
Manufacturer: HCR / Tri-Chem Specialties LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 5061
An industrial grade, ready to use cleaner and stain remover that is powerful , yet safe for home use.  Lifts stains from carpet, uphostery, washable fabrics and most hard surfaces.  Will remove blood, cosmetics, crayons, food stains, fruit juices, grass stains, grease, grime, iodine, latex paint, mildew, oil, most shoe polishes, washable ink and many other stains.  Safe for all fabrics and surfaces that are not harmed by water.  Do not use on leather, suede, velvet, non-colorfast wool, or any other fabric or surface that will be damaged by water.  Will not remove certain dyes, indelible inks and stains set by heat.  Simply rub in, blot, and stains are removed leaving a fresh smell. To clean Carpet: apply product direct to the stain, rub until stain dissolves, the blot carpet with cloth.  To clean Uphostery & Fabrics: apply product to cloth towel, not to fabric.  Rub the stain with towel. Blot the stained area with a dry towel.  To clean Washable Fabrics: apply product directly to stain.  Fold fabric and rub stained area.  Machine wash.  To clean Hard Surfaces: fill a quart trigger sprayer with this product and spray stained or dirty areas and then wipe with a clean cloth.  Packaging: 12 x 1 Quarts