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NEUTRAL DISINFECTANT Hospital Grade Neutral Disinfectant (Mint)

Price: $72.00
Manufacturer: HCR / Tri-Chem Specialties LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 62704
NEUTRAL DISINFECTANT Hospital Use Neutral Disinfectant is a phosphate free formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing and disinfection in areas where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination on treated surfaces. This product is an economical concentrate that can be used with a mop and bucket, trigger sprayers, sponge or by soaking. This product is a versatile cleaner, sanitizer and broad-spectrum disinfectant formulated for use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Whirlpool, Home, Institutional, Industrial, School, Dairy, Equine, Poultry Farms, Food Handling and Processing Areas, Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants, and Bar / Institutional Kitchen Use. Complete, Chemically Balanced Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide, Fungicide and Mildewstat. Cleans and disinfects in one labor saving step. Effective Deodorizer, Kills odor causing bacteria. Most notable kill claims include: HIV-1 (AIDS), H1N1 (Swine Flu), Staph, MRSA, Hepatitis B & C, Herpes Simplex Type 1 & 2, Salmonella and many more. Concentrated: 4 ounces per gallon of water. (Available in three scents: #625: Lemon, #626: Pine, #627: Mint). Packaging: 4 x 1 gallons