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GRAFFITI WIPES Removes paint & graffiti in one step

Price: $99.00
Manufacturer: TriChem / Total Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: 1447
Packaged 6 canisters per case (40 wipes per canister (9.5" x 12")) to be used to remove paint, ink, graffiti, permanent marker etc. from non-porous surfaces. These amazing wipes are pre-moistened with an incredible cleaning formula that removes paints (including enamel), ink and even permanent marker. A few swipes with a single wipe quickly dissolves away unwanted paint & graffiti.  Does not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride unlike other graffiti removers, making these towels less hazardous for users as well as surfaces.  Abrasive yet non-scratching fabric aids in cleaning.  Towels stay moist for greater usage and longer shelf life.  Packaging: 6 canisters per case