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FRESH CLEAN Waterless Hand Cleaner w/ Mild Abrasion

Price: $66.00
Manufacturer: TriChem / Total Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: 1442
A premium hand cleaner developed to provide excellent cleaning power while remaining gentle on hands and skin.  Added mild abrasives make short work of ground in dirt to leave hands clean.  The smooth surface of the added abrasives won't cause dermatitis by scratching or cutting through layers of skin.  A specially selected blend of ingredients work to moisturize the skin and provide a "velvety" feeling.  Designed to work with or without water.  FRESH CLEAN can handle tough dirt, grease and oil where others cannot.  Enriched with an emollient to moisturize your skin after cleaning.  Can be used anywhere, even where there is no water available for rinsing.  Pleasant fragrance.  Packaging: 12 pints / case