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Price: $72.00
Manufacturer: Athea Labs
Manufacturer Part No: 433
True breakthrough cleaner and degreaser.  With a pH of over 12.5 and caustic formulation, it offers the performance of traditional oven, grill and smokehouse cleaners but is odorless and biodegradable.  This foaming formula will stick and cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces allowing for maximum dwell time and better cleaning.  Extremely effective against grease, fat, oil, carbon, dirt and baked on deposits commonly found on food prep and cooking surfaxes making it ideal for use on ovens, grills, deep fryers, smokehouses, meat curers, food processing equipment etc.  Mild odor, biodegradable formula.  Use as is or dilute up to 10 parts hot water.  Apply directly onto surface.   Allow to penetrate and soften deposits.  Scrape away loosened deposits.  Wipe or rinse with clean hot water.  Packaging: 4/1 gallon case