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AERO-GEL 70% d-Limonene, Thickened Tar Remover

Price: $120.00
Manufacturer: TriChem / Total Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: 8388
Contains 70% d-Limonene, making it one of the most powerful aerosol cleaners available. But it is also thixotropic, meaning that it sprays on as a liquid but sets up as a thick clinging gel. This allows the product to be used where most cleaners cannot, including vertical surfaces, because it will stay on surfaces until soils are lifted away. Can be used on: roofing tools and forms, masonry, construction equipment, concrete floors, trucks & buses, asphalt spreaders, brick, heating pots, buckets, engine blocks and frames, wood, stone, paddles, brooms and shovels, machinery, transmissions etc. Cuts through grease, pitch, tar, asphalt, oil, roofing compounds etc. Packaging: 12 - 20 ounce cans