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  • BACTERIA PLUS Enzyme Digestant
    Price: $90.00
    View BACTERIA PLUS Enzyme Digestant
    Bacteria Plus is an Enzyme Digestant that eliminates the problems of odors and clogs in traps, drains, cesspools and leach fields that are caused by fat, oil, organic waste or grease. Packaging: Case of 4 x 1 gallons
  • BANISH Concentrated Herbicide
    Price: $110.00
    View BANISH Concentrated Herbicide
    Water based, non-selective total kill, concentrated herbicide with residual. Contains 1.2% Bromacil for long lasting results (12 months). Use on fence rows, parking lots, around buildings etc. Dilute 1:10. MUST PROVIDE STATE REGISTRATION #. Pk: 4x1 gal
  • BARREN Long Lasting Herbicide (Aerosol)
    Price: $92.00
    View BARREN Long Lasting Herbicide (Aerosol)
    A powerful non-selective total kill herbicide with residual. It contains 2,4-D and Bromacil for fast top kill & long lasting residual up to 12 months. Inverted trigger ensure accurate application. Ideal for cracks / crevices. Packaging: 12 x 20 oz cans
  • BIO-FLOW BLOCK for Grease Traps, Interceptors & Collection Systems
    Price: $230.00
    View BIO-FLOW BLOCK  for Grease Traps, Interceptors & Collection Systems
    Delivers continuous maintenance of grease traps, interceptors, lift stations, wet wells & collection systems. Breaks down grease & sludge buildup while reducing strong odors. Block dissolves gradually over 30-90 day period. Packaging: 4 x 5 lb blocks
  • BLAST IT Heavy Duty Degreaser
    Price: $48.00
    View BLAST IT Heavy Duty Degreaser
    An industrial strength, water soluble, nonflammable butyl-based degreaser. Effectively removes soils common to industrial, institutional & commercial facilities. Removes grease, oil, dirt, soot, smoke, food, rust stains. Packaging: 4 x 1 gallons
  • BRITENER A-600 Aluminum Brightener
    Price: $47.00
    View BRITENER A-600 Aluminum Brightener
    BRIGHTENER A-600 Aluminum Britener is a highly versatile blend of acidic and chelating agents for the efficient cleaning of aluminum surfaces. Removes road films & surface oxidation and brightens aluminum. Packaging: 5gl pail (also 55gl drum - call us)
  • DEEP DOWN CLEAN Enzymatic Floor Cleaner
    Price: $55.00
    View DEEP DOWN CLEAN Enzymatic Floor Cleaner
    DEEP DOWN CLEAN Enzymatic Floor Cleaner is a revolutionary enzymatic floor cleaner for commercial kitchens. 3 in 1 product that works around the clock formulated with patented enzymes that devours oils, grease & fat. Increases traction. Packaging: 5 gl
  • D-SOLV PW High Flash Parts Washer
    Price: $135.00
    View D-SOLV PW High Flash Parts Washer
    Industrial strength parts washer solvent that quickly penetrates grease, oil and tar deposits. Ideal for use in recirculating parts washers. VOC Compliant in all 50 States. Newest development in industrial solvents. Packaging: 4x1 gallons
  • FLY BEGONE Insect Deterrent & Dumpster Deodorant
    Price: $60.00
    View FLY BEGONE Insect Deterrent & Dumpster Deodorant
    Fly Begone is an effective insect deterrent, which works by micro encapsulation of citronella oil which is offensive to flies, mosquitoes & other crawling & flying insects. Use on patios, decks, dumpsters & garbage cans. Packaging: 4 x 1 gallons
    Price: $100.00
    View GF-165 FLOOR FINISH
    An environmentally preferred zinc free, APE-free & phthalate-free floor finish. This low odor finish has exceptional performance properties & can be maintained with conventional procedures. Environmentally preferred Zinc Free. 20% Solids. Packaging:4x1 gl
  • HEAVY DUTY CITRUS LIQUID Industrial Strength Extraction / Shampoo
    Price: $54.00
    View HEAVY DUTY CITRUS LIQUID Industrial Strength Extraction / Shampoo
    A pleasantly scented organic low foaming carpet detergent that can be used in hot or cold water. Use in standard water extraction carpet cleaning equipment. Breaks down tough dirt & grime & can be used in truck mounted systems. Packaging: 4x1 gallons
    Price: $135.00
    Safely & effectively remove 98% of the spots normally encountered by professional cleaners or in-house cleaning staffs. The spotting kit contains: Just Like Magic, De-Zov-All, Gel-Zov, Ink-Off, POGO, Peerless, Rust Out w/carrying case. $135.00 per kit
    Price: $60.00
    View RUST OUT
    Blended Acid Rust Remover designed for removing rust & stains from fabric, carpet & upholstery. Chemically dissolves rust scale & lime. Less toxic & safer than hydrochloric based products. Packaging: 12 x 1 Quarts
    Price: $835.00
    View RUST REMOVER 210
    Rust Remover 210 is a blend of super powered concentrate of acids, wetting agents & penetrants which effectively dissolves away rust, scales, calcite & other surface contamination from masonry, concrete & ferrous metal. 1:5 dilution. Packaging: 55 gl drum
  • SUPER HIGH HEAT Heavy Duty Granular Drain Opener
    Price: $235.00
    View SUPER HIGH HEAT Heavy Duty Granular Drain Opener
    A super strength granular drain opener that contains powerful heat-generating aluminum needles along with caustic that release large amounts of heat & turbulence to release the toughest blockages. NSF L1 Certified. Packaging: 55 lb pail
  • TILE & GROUT RESTORER Acidic Restorative Tile & Grout Cleaner
    Price: $99.00
    View TILE & GROUT RESTORER Acidic Restorative Tile & Grout Cleaner
    Removes soils & stains on grout, tile & stone that have been neglected for years. Use when alkaline cleaners have failed. Use on ceramic tile, porcelain, tile, grout, granite, slate & sandstone. It renews the appearance of tile. Packaging: 4 x 1 gallons
    Price: $64.00
    This Liquid, organic upholstery cleaner is designed to be equally effective in hot or cold water. Biodegradable containing Orange Terpenes, fast acting cleaning agents & organic solvents effective on natural & synthestic fibers. Packaging: 4 x 1 gallons
  • Welcome to Tri-Chem Specialties LLC

    Founded in 2008 we have grown our business one customer at a time. Tri-Chem Specialties LLC is a Woman Owned Small Business proud to offer over 300 American made Enviro-Safe Specialty Chemical Products for Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Food Service, Janitorial, Marine and Military application(s). Our mission is to provide cleaning professionals, maintenance supervisors, food service workers, automotive shops, building superintendent, schools, shipyard foremen, purchasing, Governmental personnel etc. with the best products and services all at a competitive price. To this day we remain dedicated to the highest quality and service standards in the industry. Our team of professionals are constantly working for you to ensure that the products and services they provide meet your highest standards. We offer one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. It is this dedication to quality and service, high tech manufacturing and a proven team of professionals that will ensure that your needs will be met.